Captain Charles J. Hazouri, Marine Surveyor, Thermographer, Consultant

Certified Marine Surveyor NAMS-CMS * Infraspection Institute Certified Level III Thermographer

Offshore Marine Inspections

​Marine Thermal Imaging and Consultations

 Welcome to Offshore Marine Group, LLC 

(dba) Offshore Marine Inspections

My company conducts Marine Thermal Imaging (Infrared (IR) or Thermography) Surveys / Inspections, TVIB AWO-RCP Audits, and Consultations on behalf of Offshore Marine Inspections.

I also conduct Buyers Pre-Purchase Surveys, Insurance Surveys, Damage Inspections, Appraisal Evaluations, Ultrasonic Non-Destructive (Audio Gauge), and Gloss Testing on behalf of Jones Marine Surveyors & Consultants, Inc.
I inspect and survey vessel's  throughout the United States and many countries of the world.  As a Certified Marine Surveyor
(NAMS-CMS - #118998), TVIB-Certified AWO-RCP Auditor, Captain, Project Manager, and 
Marine Thermographer (Infraspection Institute Certified Level Three (III) - #10440) with over 25 years of experience in the commercial and yachting industries, I have project managed and performed vessel inspections/surveys on pleasure yachts, sailing vessels, small recreational watercraft, and commercially operated vessels. 


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Offshore Marine Inspections
Thermal Imaging, Auditing, and Consultations

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